Rams Better Beware Of Vikings

Rams Better don't use Vikings Nor did it matter if the Vikings' qb was Joe Kapp, Fran Tarkenton or Bob shelter(Bob shelter?). The Minnesota offense made sufficient plays to win. The Vikings' security, Of your current"Blue People Eaters, Particular in creating turnovers, And coach Bud Grant's definite teams were among pro football's best. To the victor would go a practically certain berth in Super Bowl IV, Because the winner would play on its home field next week against the underdog Cleveland Browns. The Rams led 17 7 at the half and 20 14…Lees meer

Ranking the Redskins sports media from worst to best

Positioned the Redskins sports media from worst to best Over a decade of perpetual turnover and general ineffectiveness within the Redskins firm, Has led to a sports media that has cynical, Morbid undertones. All together, Wa, DC is a major sports market and by all history, The Redskins fanbase has remained incredibly loyal and attentive despite all the losing so I don think it is silly to expect a reasonably high caliber of media. I thought it worth taking stock of the current Redskins media so I compiled a ranked list of the…Lees meer